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I offer two separate bootcamps but unfortunately spaces are very limited.

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"I trained with Annette to get technically and physically ready for a boxing match. I found her sessions mentally challenging and physically gruelling in the exact way that I’d hoped for.

Her no cutting corners approach left me feeling much improved in all aspects so I highly recommend her to anyone hoping to go beyond the basics."

Jeffrey Brazier

"Annette is amazing!!!! She has been my 8 year old daughters PT for 6 months now, my daughters confidence has grown massively, this is the only thing she has stuck with for so long!

Each session is different and varied! I can not recommend Annette highly enough!

She is truly amazing at what she does! Xx"

Samantha Hunter

"I absolutely love training with Annette, I had been slacking off of any exercise for ages and didn't feel confident to step in the gym but since training with Annette I look forward to my sessions each week.  I am a complete novice to boxing but it doesn't matter at all. Annette gets you working really hard, we always have a good laugh and there's always a good vibe in the studio 🥊🏋️‍♀️"

David Howe

“I have been training with Annette for 3 nearly 4 years. In that time she has become almost a second mum, helping me with many difficult parts of my life as I’ve grown up. Before I started training with Annette in a boxercise class I’d found myself at a loose end. She motivated me and pushed me to go on a compete in many boxing events and with her help and coaching skills I’ve never lost.

Don’t be mistaken it wasn’t an easy journey and at times I wanted to give up but giving up isn’t in the Dunnings DNA but believe once you push through the results will speak for them self. This woman is easily an amazing coach but undoubtedly the best partnership to have in and out of the ring. 

Since stepping out of the ring to pursue a new career she has always kept contact and continued to entice me into competing again.
Which for sure I will. She’s become more than a coach/trainer to me she has become a friend for life. What she’s helped me achieve has been one of my greatest achievements to date.”
Jordan Mcnaughton

“Annette is a brilliant trainer. She makes it fun and can push you further than you think you can go. I love the sessions and highly recommend her!”

Sally King

“Would highly recommend Annette I have been training with her for just over a year now I am proud to say I am 6 1/2 stone lighter now thank you Anet let’s get it down more bring on summer 19”

Cane Wheatley

“Annette listens to me and tailors my sessions around the areas I want to work most. The gym is personal and I like it that nobody else is there watching me train. Everything is perfect for me, thank you Annette xx”

Kelly Scott

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